Workstation / Ergonomic Assessment

“Fitting work to People”

Workstation Ergonomic Assessments identify and analyse the physical workload demands of work tasks and postures. The assessment will outline the most appropriate organisational environment and make recommendations for additional tools or equipment to achieve maximum function while ensuring minimum injury and strain.

An Ergonomic Assessment is used to enhance productivity and reduce the risk of injury by ensuring that workers are executing their work tasks in the safest, most comfortable manner.

We don’t just look at the problem from the outside, we learn about the worker and the organisation to adopt a holistic approach to wellbeing and injury management.

What’s Involved

  • Completed checklist illustrating review of the specifics of the work station, including identifying risks in relation to the worker.
  • Summative report outlining needs and recommendations, including costings for any required equipment/ modifications.
  • Follow up to answer queries regarding implementation.
  • Visual material for the workplace depicting stretches and best ergonomic alignment for workers.
  • Additional support if required.
  • We can assess groups of workers (approx max 20 p day) subject to industry type and location.