Worksite Assessment

When it has been identified that an injured worker is unlikely or unable to return to their normal work role, a worksite assessment can be undertaken to identify potential alternatives.

A worksite assessment will:

  • Identify the key physical demands of a number of work tasks/roles.
  • Recommend the physical suitability of alternative work in light of an individuals skills, abilities and the organisations performance criteria.
  • Identify methods of temporarily or permanently modifying the work demands to facilitate a safe and sustainable return to work. This may include recommendations for aids and equipment and manual handling education.

What’s Provided

  • Onsite assessment with the worker and employer undertaken within 5 working days.
  • Recommendations in relation to appropriate alternative jobs/roles/ executions/manual handling.
  • Recommendations and costings for any new equipment required.
  • A graduated return to work schedule where applicable.
  • Manual handing training and education is also included.
  • Attendance at case conference, if requested, to ensure that all parties have clear understanding of the physical demands and features of the job.
  • A comprehensive written and pictorial report.