Work Health and Safety (WHS)
Policy and Procedure Review

Work Health and Safety Policies and Procedures demonstrate that your business is addressing its health and safety obligations.

Policies and procedures are essential because they guide how decisions are made and how work is done in the organisation. 

Well written policies and procedures increase organisational accountability and transparency and are fundamental to quality assurance and quality improvement programs. 

What policies and procedures does you workplace need?

Are workers trained in policies and procedures?

Are policies and procedures understood and enforced by everyone in the workplace?

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policies

Health and safety policies are the documented objectives, obligations and commitment that guide health and safety decision-making within a business.

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Procedures

Health and safety procedures are the documented process that guide working practices in a business. They include specific procedures that set out step-by-step instructions for carrying out a job or task.

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