WHS Coordinator Service

We can tailor a WHS Coordinator Service to meet your business needs.

How does our WHS Coordinator Service work?

Everything we do at Beckmann & Associates revolves around helping organisations achieve their safety goals. What's more, we can relieve the stress by ensuring safety compliance and meet your organisational safety needs.

We conduct a review of your organisation to analysis your activities and compliance needs.

Our experienced and tertiary qualified WHS Coordinators will plan, establish implement and maintain a variety of health and safety programs to ensure the highest possible degree of safety for your workplace.

Beckmann & Associates WHS Coordinator Service can include but not limited to:

The WHS Safety Coordinator Service includes a monthly detailed status report detailing all activities to ensure due diligence and safety compliance.

Benefits of our WHS Coordinator service

  • On call crisis management
  • Maintain compliance with legislation
  • Avoid employment contracts and payroll expenses
  • Reduce injuries in the workplace and increase safety awareness
  • Have visibility and feel in control of safety in your organisation
  • Achieve your safety goals
  • Save time and money by outsourcing
  • Experienced and tertiary qualified WHS Coordinators

Use the experts to save you time, cost and ensure compliance.