Return to work –
Pre-injury Employer

The Workplace Rehabilitation Consultants at Beckmann & Associates openly and effectively communicate with the injured worker, the employer, Case Manager, medical provider/s and all key stakeholders to ensure that all parties clearly recognise and understand the suitable employment goal and are able to actively participate in the identified strategies to achieve the goal.

The return to work objectives, rights and responsibilities of all parties and strategies are clearly communicated at the commencement of our involvement in the claim and for the duration of our involvement.

Our specialist Workplace Rehabilitation Consultants will identify strategies that are focussed on returning injured workers to safe and sustainable suitable employment.

Beckmann & Associates take a pro active, “hands on” approach which ensures that rehabilitation programs include sufficient activity to enable appropriate graduation in capacity and work tasks.

We work with medical providers to assess the ongoing benefit and effectiveness of physical and medical services being provided.

When an injured worker receives our pre injury employer rehabilitation support they will benefit from an individualised program which includes:

  • Prompt assessment of initial needs.
  • Recommendations that consider all medical, vocational and workplace factors.
  • Regular, consistent and effective communication between all key parties and practitioners.
  • Negotiation and establishment of a suitable graduated return to work program with regular onsite monitoring and review.
  • Regular meetings in order to review goals and progress.
  • Individual counselling to outline rights and responsibilities, provide guidance on the workers compensation scheme and identify suitable employment goals.