Return to work –
Different Employer

Whilst return to work with the pre-injury employer is the primary rehabilitation goal, there are instances when an injured worker is not able to return to suitable employment with their pre-injury employer.

In consultation with all stakeholders, we use an evidence based model to clearly identify and articulate why a return to work with the pre injury employer is not feasible and the suitable employment and rehabilitation opportunities available elsewhere.

Beckmann & Associates have dedicated Workplace Rehabilitation Consultants who specialise in assisting workers gain paid employment with a new employer in the current labour market.

We identify the suitable employment goal via assessment of the injured workers vocational interests and prospects in consideration of education, work background, labour market and the injury.

With a “CAN DO” mantra in mind we seek to transform lives.

  • Our different employer rehabilitation intervention provides an individualised program which includes:
  • Individual counselling to identify transferrable skills.
  • Assessment of skills, strengths and abilities to develop a strategic and action oriented return to work plan.
  • Gap analysis in order to isolate and address barriers to gaining employment.
  • Assistance in the development of a professional resume and application letters.
  • Workshopping of canvassing, job search and interview techniques which are later implemented via an active job search plan.
  • Regular meetings in order to review goals and progress to continuously develop job seeking skills.
  • Access to our extensive network of employers and work trial hosts where individuals can undertake a placement in order to gain real experience and build on their existing transferrable skills.
  • Negotiation and establishment of work trial placements (ensuring all parties are aware of rights and responsibilities) to meet the goal of either training, assessing capacity or trialling for paid employment.
  • Placing, monitoring and assisting workers to sustain paid employment with a new employer.