Mediation and Conflict Resolution

When conflicts arise, it can be damaging to an organisations' cohesion, and team's productivity and the mental health of individuals. Mediation is a useful service provided to management and staff to avoid costly arbitration, court proceedings, compensation claims and lost productivity.

Mediation/ conflict resolution is a confidential managed process which allows disputing parties to resolve their disagreements with the help of a trained impartial third party. 

Early involvement by an independent facilitator can prevent miscommunication, escalation of issues or relationship breakdown.

Beckmann & Associates can provide assistance in managing workplace disputes, addressing deterioration performance, sexual harassment complaints, terminations and in workers compensation claims.

Mediation /conflict resolution helps disputing parties take ownership of their dispute and agree to solutions. A lower cost, non legal alternative, we help tackle conflicts constructively.

How does mediation and conflict resolution work?

It is important to recognise that mediation is a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution. All conflicting parties must first recogise that there is a conflict and wish to resolve the conflict outside of formal arbitration.

  • Conflicting parties are contacted to confirm their agreed involvement in the process.
  • The mediator will hold private and confidential meetings with each of the parties involved.
  • The process then moves to bring the parties together in a joint face to face conference.
  • The process is entirely confidential.
  • The process does not seek to impose any agreement.
  • Each party is invited to discuss the dispute, how they have been affected and to share ideas about resolution.
  • The mediation conference emphasises the benefits of any solution to each party and creates a sense of ownership.
  • The AIM of mediation is to achieve a mutually agreed and acceptable solution for future interaction.