Manual Handling Training

The new Work Health and Safety Regulations include specific obligations for persons conducting a business or undertaking to manage the risk of a musculoskeletal disorder associated with a hazardous manual task.

On-site manual handling sessions provide specific task related education on correct manual handling techniques and posture care. Training can be tailored towards individual injured workers or organisation-wide with sessions specific to different work areas. Workers are educated on basic biomechanics, principles of lifting and safe work practices allowing them to better implement strategies of control.

Manual handling training also enables potential risks to be identified and addressed. We look at more than just heavy lifting and the back! Our training introduces education which aligns with your organisations codes of practice and WHS policies in order to identify and mitigate risk and provide confidence in safe operations and execution of tasks.

Manual handling training is undertaken at the worksite using the equipment and activities relevant to the individual/group.



For Groups (preventative)

  • A preliminary visit by the trainer to review the worksite, the equipment, the tasks regularly undertaken and your WHS policies. A detailed quote is provided following.
  • A session plan will be devised, tailored to the worksite situation, curriculum objectives will be provided to you to inform you of the manual handling training being delivered.
  • Training session scheduled (approx 1 hr).
  • Relevant hand outs.
  • Strip posters depicting in simple steps, the key postures and techniques workers need to remember—these can be placed around the workplace.
  • Summative report for your WHS records outlining the training delivered, the objectives met and any issues/problems to be addressed - great for risk management and auditing practices.
  • We can also offer ‘train the trainer’ packages so that your key staff can pass on the message.



For Individuals (injury management)

  • Training session for the individual in respect of your policies.
  • Checklist of key tasks and functions covered.
  • Summative report (1 pg) outlining the training provided and any issues/ problems to be address.
  • This service can be included within a job analysis or worksite assessment. In such instances, only 1 report will be provided.