Job Seeking Assistance

Beckmann & Associates provide assistance for displaced, injured  and unemployed clients.

We recognise that the pursuit of new employment (especially for those who are injured and/or disadvantaged) is an emotive and complex journey, one which requires careful planning and timely management.

Our goal is to not only get people back into work but to ensure they have the skills, abilities and confidence in being able to transition into the workforce and as far as practicable, independently manage their job search now and in the future.

Beckmann & Associates offer an 8 module program creating the pathway to work and work with potential employers to negotiate all applicable wage subsidies.

If your business is restructuring or redundancies are imminent, why not take advantage of our outplacement support which will provide valuable counselling, advice and training.

The impact of job loss is reduced as individuals are provided with the tools, support and confidence they need to get back on track with work.