Job Bank / Job Dictionary

A Job Dictionary defines the functions of particular jobs across your organisation.

Each job is broken down into tasks, demonstrating the physical demands in terms of postures and manual handling, including lifting, pushing and pulling, so that skills, needs and risks can be identified.

A Job Dictionary is a tailored, useful tool for employers, workers and medical professionals to assist with injury prevention and injury management. It further reduces the constant requirement for job analyses/work site assessments.

A Job Dictionary is beneficial in:

  • Assisting to prevent injuries by identifying key risks
  • Providing information on the job and workplace to relevant parties
  • Providing information to support pre employment testing
  • Supporting a training needs analysis by comparing the skills needed for a job/ task with the skills your staff have—do they need further training or equipment to enable safe and effective completion of the job?
  • Allowing an organisation to take ownership of injury management and rehabilitation by identifying suitable duties in a modified role prior to external intervention.
  • Facilitating communication and ensuring medical professionals have an understanding of the workers job, allowing them to better treat and assist in the return to work process.

What’s Provided

A comprehensive electronic and printed dictionary including text, tables and photographs outlining the position titles, description of the roles, photographs of key tasks and critical physical demands of the job including postural and manual handling demands.