Job Analysis

“Facilitating accurate expectations”

A Job Analysis is a specialised on-site assessment of specific work tasks and occupations to:

  • Identify the key physical demands of all work tasks
  • Determine the individuals capacity to undertake the tasks
  • Provide recommendations to assist in safe work practices, including:
    • Modifying the tasks or the way in which the tasks are undertaken
    • Workplace modifications
    • Aids and equipment
    • Manual handling education

A Job Analysis is an effective way of ensuring a consistent message is received by all parties.

A Job Analysis improves the likelihood of a timely and sustainable return to work for an injured worker.

What’s provided in a Job Analysis?

  • Onsite assessment undertaken within 5 working days.
  • A comprehensive written and pictorial report.
  • Recommendations in relation to appropriate alternative jobs/roles/executions/manual handling referencing the Labour Dictionary of Occupational Titles.
  • Recommendations and costings for any new equipment required.
  • A graduated return to work schedule where applicable.
  • Manual handing training and education is also included.
  • Attendance at case conference if requested (to ensure that all parties have clear understanding of the physical demands and features of the job.