Emergency Planning

Beckmann & Associates offer an Emergency Planning Package that incorporates the following services at a discounted rate:

First Aid Compliance and Provisions / Evacuation Diagrams / Emergency Plan.

Emergency management is comprehensive in identifying all hazards and the vulnerabilities that contribute to the risk.

Emergency preparedness aims to addresses the following:

  • Identify potential emergencies
  • Identify options for initial response
  • Planning initial response procedures
  • Implementing initial response procedures
  • Contributing to post event activities and
  • Monitoring emergency response and deficiencies.

Beckmann & Associates can assist your organisations prepare and comply with the Work Health and Safety Regulations (2012) and Australian Standard 3745 Planning for emergencies in facilities in reviewing and implementing:

  • an emergency plan
  • appropriate first aid provisions
  • evacuation diagrams and
  • emergency response quick reference guide (flip chart).

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