Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

Evacuation Diagrams for all workplace facilities are compulsory under Australian Standard 3745 Planning for emergencies in facilities.


Section 3.5 requires the provision of evacuation diagrams to be displayed in all facilities, updated each time changes are made to the floor plan and are only valid for a five year period.

A qualified Beckmann & Associates Consultant will visit your workplace to determine assembly points, egress paths, fire fighting equipment, diagram location and orientation. All diagrams produced are compliant and display regulatory requirements incorporating:

Our finished diagrams will include your corporate branding, logo and a variety of framing options to suite your needs.  Our diagrams are structured to be easily amended at any time following an organisational change or alterations to safety or emergency features.

Emergency Evacuation Diagram (Sample)

Beckmann & Associates offer an Emergency Planning Package that incorporates the following services at a discounted rate:

First Aid Compliance and Provisions / Evacuation Diagrams / Emergency Plan / Emergency Response - quick reference flip chart.